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In 2014 we opened our first store in Barcelona. They were many years of great satisfaction and no less recognition. Years in which our products reached homes and companies around the world to fulfill the most different functions.

In 2020, the health crisis and especially the lack of visitors to the city forced us to make the decision to close. To take a breath for a season.

We moved, the whole family, to the mountains to replan our professional future. We never stopped working, now it was time to do it from the workshop but we continue to send our products all over the world.

Since we arrived in Cerdanya, the idea of reopening our store has been on our minds. The months went by and sometimes uncertainty invaded us. Until in December 2021 we took courage and reopened. We had doubts and we didn’t know if it would work.

The truth is that it has been an incredible few months. As always the acceptance of the clients has been great.

The townspeople have been very generous in welcoming us and the visitors to this area as well.

Perhaps moments of change will come, life is that… movement. We are developing new projects for this 2022-2033…. as always we will wait for you wherever we are.

Thanks for your support!

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All our products are special, they are made with the utmost care and dedication. We use the highest quality materials for them, all our skins are tanned without dyes or toxic agents.

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